3D CLICK Packaging Solutions

3D CLICK for packaging suppliersLet’s accelerate your sales cycles and offer a fresh experience to your clients.It’s time to work easier, faster and more sustainably!There’s no need to depend on physical prototypes. All your packages, online and in 3D.Speed up sales: Work together with your client in real time to customise packages. Close deals the faster way!Discover new clients & markets: Connect with new clients by joining our Pack Finder.Your own 3D Package Catalogues – kept fresh: Create unlimited online catalogues. Easily updated 24/7


Aluminium, Cardboard, Flexible Plastic, Glass, Other metals, Paper, Rigid Plastic, Tetra Brick, Wood, Others, ABS, Steel, Apet, Bio _starch, Biodegradable, BOPA, Carton with aluminium, Carton without aluminium, Carton with PA, Paraffin cardboard, Celophan, Cellulose, Ceramic, CPET, EPS, Foam Polyethylene, EVA, EVOH, OPP, PAN, HDPE, LDPE, PEN, PET, PET-G, PLA, PLMMA, PA Polyamide, PS Polystyrene, PP, Polyurethane, PVC, PVDC, SAN, XPS


Food, Alcoholic Beverages, Cosmetic & Care, Non-alcoholic Beverages, Pharma & Health, Animal food, Communication


Aerosol Spray, Bag in box, Bag, Bottle, Box, Can, Dispenser, Non-Screw cap, Pallet, PLV/3D Display, Screw cap, Shelves-ready-packaging, Bracket, Aerosol 1 piece, Aerosol 3 pieces, Aerosol Bag on valve, Shrink film grouper, Airless, Absorbent pad, Ampoule, Anti-drip with spillway, Anti-drip without spillway, Atomizer, Barrel, Cylinder